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View Diary: I am a single mother. My son is not a criminal. (81 comments)

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  •  Although, he is not a criminal (4+ / 0-)

    I would say that anyone performs the role of a parent is a hero. Parenthood is a monumental and seemingly at times impossible task.

    I have only interminently  been a step parent i.e "Mom's boyfriend" . For my extremely limited experience those little critters are amazing, interesting and incredible to be around. The only problem is that they are a lot of work and can consume time and energy like nothing else in the world.

    It is a incredible that anyone can do this role with two people. How anyone can be a parent alone is an amazing feat to say the least.

    Currently, I am down and out and couch surfing with a good friend. He is a single parent of a daughter with special needs. ie Mental Retardation. I help as much as I can but, I have no idea how he keep on going.

    So for what it is worth I give you my respect, best wishes and encouragement.

    As for the gist of your diary, I think it was the Oprah who put it best.

    "YOU GO GIRL!!!"

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