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View Diary: I am a single mother. My son is not a criminal. (81 comments)

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    a single mother who was widowed in 1963  at the age of 32 - with six kids ages 3 months to 8 years, I love your post!

    None of us became criminals either.  Between us, we account for two honorable discharges from serving in the military, three bachelors degrees, two medical professionals (an CICU nurse and respiratory therapist), a self employed aesthetician and entrepreneur, a former administrative assistant cum social activist, a talented athlete and race organizer, a 3 star chef.  Amongst us are 4 marriages, each over 25 years duration.

    It was our mother who gave us our values.  Our father died before he could inculcate his values in us.   Our mother's values shaped us and our values and what we have given to society.  Our  widowed mother who involuntarily became a "non-marital" single parent on July 23, 1963 did not raise six criminals.  She raised six citizens of this nation.  

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      and RIGHT ON!!

      You must be very proud to be one of her children.  Thank you for sharing. It means a lot to read this in the comments to my diary.

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