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View Diary: Thank You President Obama! I was helped by the $26 Billion Settlement. That's why I'm a Democrat! (280 comments)

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    •  You should choose a better authority... (1+ / 0-)
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      on what "the progressive" take is on any given subject.

      The opinion piece you're recommending contains some misinformation -- such as the claim that only $5 million is bank money and the rest is "our" money.  Apparently that is a misrepresentation of the portion that's going to go toward cash payments as being the only cost to the banks. For instance -- $17 billion will be in the form of principal reduction to borrowers.  You have to stretch -- maybe offer that banks are going to find a way to make back those amounts from "us" to call that "our money."  Which -- if you use that as a rationalization for that claim -- it would also apply to the $5 million.

      Here's one summary.

      •  Sure, good point . . . . (0+ / 0-)

        How could I have forgotten how excellently the MSM has served us, especially on financial matters while progressives have consistently been way out in left field - what is the usual pejorative for them - "socialist"?

        Boy, do I feel like a giant dumbass now.

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