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View Diary: Netanyahu, Just Leave Turkey Out of Your Madness (18 comments)

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  •  IBA TV this morning is presenting the current (6+ / 0-)

    situation as Bibi and Obama agree wholeheartedly on Iran and the only difference of opinion is over the timeline for an attack on Iran.

    While the hard RW in Israel continue to fantasize about an IAF strike on Iran, completely taking out its air defenses and nuclear facilities, the sad truth is that geographically Israel is not able to hit Iran, despite winger dreams that Saudi Arabia would allow a fly over and Israel really lacks the resources to hit Iran.

    Here is an analysis on what it would take for the US to become involved in Syria and why it is not a good idea
    Iran is a substantially tougher nut to crack than Syria.  Israel needs the US and its heavy bombers to try to take out Iran because estimates are that it will take 3-7 days of air raids to appreciably damage Iranian assets or "Shock and Awe" all over again  

    •  The disagreement between Bibi and Barack (0+ / 0-)

      is mostly a figment of the imagination of partisan Republicans. They don't like each other, but most Israeli pols don't like Bibi either, and they are pretty much on the same page regarding Iran -- to the massive displeasure of the Isolationist Left (well represented here in DKos) and Right (the Paulbots) as well as the "Bomb Iran" crowd.

    •  Are you saying the IBA is saying that war with (1+ / 0-)
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      Iran is imminent?

      And that the US will absolutely be involved, as Bibi and Obama are in agreement that an attack is only a matter of time?

      •  I am not sure what IBA is saying implicitly (1+ / 0-)
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        or explicitly;  there is an undertone to the reporting which I am not certain as to the direction it is going.  Problem is that I have missed several days of the program and so lack context as to what has previously been reported  

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