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View Diary: ME-Sen: Democratic Rep. Chellie Pingree won't run for Senate (234 comments)

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  •  Many of us in Maine are disappointed about this (3+ / 0-)
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    personally, but not surprised. It would have been a tough enough slog in a two-way race, with all the SuperPAC money that was bound to pour in attacking her. She and King are longtime friends, and I'm sure the prospect of having to go negative on him was wrenching. I do resent King for getting in this race in the first place, but if he hadn't, it's likely Eliot Cutler would have, and he'd be a much worse senator.

    We have a good Dem in the primary already, former SoS Matt Dunlap. He is perceived as more moderate than Pingree, which is a plus in a state-wide race. He's been treated like chopped liver in the media coverage of this race. At this point, he may be the only candidate on the primary ballot- we haven't heard what Dill or Hinck's plans are (they've both been collecting signatures for the 1st CD seat, but will drop those efforts now that Chellie is staying put). And there's no sign of a concerted signature effort here on the ground in Maine for Baldacci. With the clock fast running out on time to collect signatures, it's hard to see how he could pull it off, even with paid collectors.

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