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View Diary: I support Rush Limbaugh's right to freedom of speech (199 comments)

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    TBug, Cassandra Waites

    "...he is facing the consequences of his lack of responsiblity...

    Holy moly, who else gets away with this?  Really.  This man has lied, mis-represented, slandered, incited bigotry and hatred over and over and over again...with NO consequence.

    My God.  He makes Joe McCarthy look like a pup in the world of indecency.  He has outrun his own karma for way too long, and it's high time his time comes to an end.

    I don't think that will happen by tomorrow, but I think he's on the down low slide. I think he knows it too, which is why he is pretty much having a nervous break down in public.  

    Yes.  I think that's exactly what we're seeing from Mr. Limbaugh.  A diseased and desperate man flailing.  It's pathetic, really.  Still, I'll save my compassion for so many on this earth who deserve it more.  I'll leave Mr. Limbaugh to his demons---with pleasure.  


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