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View Diary: Thirty-Five USA Nukes at risk of Fukushima-style flooding and disasters (112 comments)

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    Blubba, Lawrence, Jim P

    Just seen at the Guardian website:

    UK nuclear sites at risk of flooding, report shows

    As many as 12 of Britain's 19 civil nuclear sites are at risk of flooding and coastal erosion because of climate change, according to an unpublished government analysis obtained by the Guardian.

    Nine of the sites have been assessed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) as being vulnerable now, while others are in danger from rising sea levels and storms in the future.

    All things in the sky are pure to those who have no telescopes. – Charles Fort

    by subtropolis on Thu Mar 08, 2012 at 12:30:40 AM PST

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      Joieau, Jim P
      The sites include all of the eight proposed for new nuclear power stations around the coast, as well as numerous radioactive waste stores, operating reactors and defunct nuclear facilities. Two of the sites for the new stations – Sizewell in Suffolk and Hartlepool in County Durham, where there are also operating reactors – are said to have a current high risk of flooding. Closed and running reactors at Dungeness, Kent, are also classed as currently at high risk.
      The current, conservative, neo-liberal govt. in Britain is an absolute catastrophe.  Britain has some of the best, shallow-water offshore wind resources in the world and they still want to build nuke plants....

      I guess none of them read the report that concluded that G.B. could cover 3 X its energy needs with wind power alone.

      Or they just don't care.

      "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle" - Mohammed Nabbous, R.I.P.

      by Lawrence on Thu Mar 08, 2012 at 03:18:21 AM PST

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      •  Such energy resources (0+ / 0-)

        do nothing to bolster the kind of authoritarian "Security State" that nukes both engender and justify at every step along the way. Hence you'll see the greatest nuclear development in traditionally authoritarian, imperialistic nation-states (and wannabes, which the already-haves fight every step of the way). It's always been about capital-p Power, the kind of power that's not measured in kilowatts.

        Electricity is and always was simply a lucrative (handy money-laundering) sideline having nothing much to do with the reasons for building them in the first place.

        •  Like France, S. Korea, Turkey, Finland and the UK? (1+ / 0-)
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          You amaze me at every level how you sink to new lows in your Jihad against nuclear Joy B. Amazing.

          How does it 'bolder the kind of authoritarian state'? What does it say about China, for example, being the largest PV and wind developer in the world? Actually what does it say about PV an wind? Build a windmill and a labor camp is soon to follow?

          You need to deal with reality, Joy. Not this fantasy. Your back-to-the-land won't work in NY, Philie or San Francisco. You are getting like Wasserman and his a-historical anti-science 'solartopia' nonsense.

          Countries like the U.A.E, Jordan, China and Vietnam look to nuclear is for the same reason any country does: it meets their base load needs for development and industrialization. Your Hobbit-inspired lifestyle advocacy falls on deaf ears, world wide, when BILLIONS have no electricity and their standard of living is directly predicated on low levels of energy use.


          Dr. Isaac Asimov: "The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny ...'"

          by davidwalters on Thu Mar 08, 2012 at 08:52:32 AM PST

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