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View Diary: Do NOT Donate to "Kony 2012" (312 comments)

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  •  I've had the same thing happen (8+ / 0-)

    with some of my younger friends.

    That movie is a very slick piece of propaganda.

    •  Putting aside the fundraising element, (23+ / 0-)

      it seems to me that this video has not only succeeded at publicizing and humanizing this situation. It also has made millions of people (including my 13-year old daughter) really care about something like this for the first time. My daughter has been exposed to actual Third World life but was never as bothered by things before this Kona story. I think that even if the charity is a bunch of crooks, that they've done a lot of good here in terms of making a generation pay attention to the suffering in Africa. That is clear to me.

      •  You and I both know the definition of propaganda, (8+ / 0-)

        and this is effective. I would never crush my friends' enthusiasm and I have been careful about that.

        I have been following the atrocities in Uganda for twenty years. Invisible Children in addition to film making has been providing weapons to the government of Uganda. There are photos of the organization's founders handing over arms. They believe this is the force best able to get Kony (if he is still in Uganda, which some doubt.) I am uncomfortable with supporting the government forces even while I would be pleased to see Kony brought to justice.

        The viral marketing has been so very successful that I am sure we will have a great deal more information in a short time.

        As for your daughter, my first campaign for Africa was Biafra relief. Later I learned much of the funds raised were not used in the best way. But it helped to start me on a path of caring.

        Sleep well, doc2, I'm offline now...zzzz

        •  Links please? (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          I saw a picture of some of the IC people posing with arms.

          I thought it looked naive and stupid, but I, too, have spent some time overseas (India, Egypt, & Brazil) and I thought it looked more like 'dumb American' insensitivity than arms-trafficking.

          Do you have links to the pictures you mention?

          I hope that you have slept well tonight. I got such a bug in my ear about this topic I wound up trying to write a diary for the last 6 hours and finally just hit 'publish' having given up on really 'finishing' it. =)

          •  link (2+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:
            dewley notid, mamamedusa

            Picture in question is at the top.
            Explanation is further down.

            •  This smear campaign at DK is disturbing.. (4+ / 0-)

              Makes me a bit ill.

              "Obama, the change that leads to indefinite detention and the abrogation of the Constitution! Yes He Can!"

              by hangingchad on Thu Mar 08, 2012 at 04:19:15 AM PST

              [ Parent ]

            •  What'd you think of the explanation? (2+ / 0-)
              Recommended by:
              AuntieRa, augustin

              I thought it was legit, if a bit naive and insensitive.

              •  I think Invisible Children means well (2+ / 0-)
                Recommended by:
                angelino, augustin

                But I'm still not comfortable with the picture. The reporter who took the picture was said to be uncomfortable (Sydney Herald, yesterday's edition, link is downstream I believe) so I am really just waiting for more information. She (I think it was a she) was unable to market her story at first but is now trying again.

                Organizations working in Africa have had problems for a long time as you know. Purity tests will result in disappointments. But I have also seen millions in aid misdirected. I will not name organizations here, but some very savvy NGOs have had aid never reach the people for which it was intended. And mere publicity can also be misdirected when governments and the military are maneuvering.

                Doc2 raised a good point about how this impacts our young people who become involved and I wanted to let him know the biggest caution I had (possible military/government of Uganda connection) and also reassure him my early work (I was 15 when I coordinated the Biafra campaign in my school district)  and exposure to fundraising had taught me caution but not to the extent of cynicism, in fact aid became part of my life's work. Our children and friends are better for being moved and emotionally connected to the children of Uganda.

          •  Here is a link to an interview (1+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:
            Catte Nappe

            with the photographer who took the "IC guys with guns" photo:


            She is quite critical of them but also makes it clear that the photo has nothing to do with arms-trafficking.  They were apparently waiting for a conference in Sudan where Kony was supposed to be and the guns belonged members of the Sudanese People's Liberation Army who were providing protection.  And someone, stupidly, decided to pose with the SPLA's guns.  

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