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View Diary: The Curious but Obvious Connection between Prop 8 and Contraception (70 comments)

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  •  jealous & envious? (7+ / 0-)

    This is a question gay men have pondered many times. Are the haters angry at gays because gays seem to get sex so easy - whereas women, holders of the key to straight satisfaction make straight men pay & pay & pay just to get a little? The haters rant & rave out of envy & jealousy?

    One of the tenets of the anti-gay ideology is that homosexuality is a choice - thus the haters themselves could choose to get all that easy sex? In order to hold themselves back they must demonize the gay, make the gay choice so socially risky that the haters can't choose it themselves ... This seems to be the case, actually, with many a deeply closeted homophobe. Their opposition to glbt civil rights may stem from self-hatred; so long as no one can choose to be gay (choose easy, consequence-free sex?) then the closeted self-hater is safe from his own authentic self.

    This is all very weird. Internally inconsistent. Hypocritical. Very Republican?

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