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View Diary: The Curious but Obvious Connection between Prop 8 and Contraception (70 comments)

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  •  It is all interconnected....I was (10+ / 0-)

    on active duty in the Navy when Clinton proposed ending the ban on gays in the military.  I was totally stunned by the gross overreaction by most of my male colleagues.  Their horror at the idea seemed to mostly stem from the idea that another man might live in close proximity/share a shower/see them naked....and get sexually aroused.  I remember saying to one of what?  as long as you don't act on it, what's the big deal?  Women deal with this all the time.

    And that's when it hit me...yes, women deal with unwanted and/or unsolicited sexual attraction and overtures from men all the time....and that's why these guys hated the idea so much.  They saw it as making  them like a put them on the same footing in matters of sexual advances... and they couldn't deal with that because deep down, in places most of them wouldn't even admit, they internalized the idea that women are inferior to men.  To be made 'like a girl' in any way was something that could never be tolerated. Misogyny is deeply ingrained in our culture....boys use 'girl' and 'pussy' as insults to one another from an early age.  And this mysogyny gives rise to homophobia because LGBT people step outside the prescribed  gender roles and become a 'threat' to certain hetero men's self-perceived masculinity.

    However, some of the most misogynistic men I have every know were themselves gay.  I sometimes wonder if these guys were just lashing out at being told all their lives that they were 'abnormal' for not liking really hating women.

    "Going to church does not make us Christians any more than stepping into our garage makes us a car." --Rev R. Neville

    by catleigh on Fri Mar 09, 2012 at 07:30:19 AM PST

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