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  •  If what was taken was chopped away by an ax (1+ / 0-)
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    all at once, they might notice.

    As it is, the cuts are being make surgically, in small portions which the supposedly learned few can misrepresent as inconsequential.

    In my younger days it was the Soviet Union that operated black site prisons and spied on its own citizens.  

    It was our enemies in WWII, the Korean Conflict and the Viet Nam war that tortured prisoners.

    It was not America that did these things.  We defined our Nation in part by the fact that we refused to do those things or at least refused to authorize or approve them as official public policy.  

    We defined our Nation in part by our efforts to create international agreements to forswear such conduct and by our efforts to help create international agencies to both prevent and expose such conduct.  

    But little by little, our Nation is being amended away.

    While these small steps in and of themselves may not represent the fall into the great abyss that they are sometimes described as, they are still steps in that direction.

    When what could be lost is so important and how it could finally be lost so difficult to measure or predict, without overwhelming proof of need and lack of any alternative approach our government should not be allowing, accepting or initiating such steps.  

    And when they do, we should oppose them.  

    The time has come to put the "Occ" in "DemOCCracy". Support (or create) the "Occupy" movement near you. Ordinary Citizens Count in this extraordinary Democcracy.

    by Into The Woods on Fri Mar 09, 2012 at 12:39:47 PM PST

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