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  •  Good morning gardeners! (20+ / 0-)

    I'm a little late this morning, I've finally broken out the hose from it's winter nap, and I'm running around trying to water my beds and the emerging greenery!
    I have some daffodils blooming and lots of stuff emerging from the ground, so the late watering I did last winter must have helped a few things survive.
    The roses are ready to prune, and I've studied them with a critical eye to figure out what to prune. Unfortunately I get frustrated about half way through and end up hacking away with no rhyme or reason, but the roses always survive!
    New orchid blooming in the sunroom has been giving off the most incredible scent (this one smells better just before blooming, rather than after), it's wonderful to get in there after work and smell the exotic scent of this beauty:

    The freaking cat knocked off another bud stalk from this plant (and two stalks off my cymbidium before it bloomed), so I bought a nice new shelf to put the orchids on and away from the freaking cat!!
    I got a catalog from Michigan Bulb that gave you 50% off your entire order, so I spent about $40 and got lots of new plants to kill this summer!
    Off to the hardware store for more garden goodies!

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    by skohayes on Sat Mar 10, 2012 at 08:21:27 AM PST

    •  oh dear.... (6+ / 0-)

      while your catt is absolutely gorgeous - at least you got flowers!

      Look what one of my phals suffered...

      my mistake was trying to overwinter some lemon grass in the garden window.  The pooties probably could smell it!  They love lemon grass!!!  And did anything they could to get at it.

      So... the phal wound up getting the worst of it.  :( and I wound up getting a keiki instead of buds (was hoping for a second wave of blooms from that stalk!!)

      Your catt is GORGEOUS!!!

      I haven't had any full sized catts in the house for a long long time.  I will get if any cross my path!!!  :D

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      by kishik on Sat Mar 10, 2012 at 02:09:33 PM PST

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    •  I hack my roses back mercilessly. (5+ / 0-)

      I decide going in that I'm going to be ruthless and spare no consideration like I do when I prune other plants.

      They symmetry of the orchid is really cool.

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      by jayden on Sat Mar 10, 2012 at 08:54:42 PM PST

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