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View Diary: White Man Shoots Unarmed 17 Year Old Black Kid - Isn't Arrested. (205 comments)

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  •  It absolutely does. (5+ / 0-)

    If somebody was on top of me on the ground, trying to hurt me, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to shoot him. I wouldn't so much as bat an eye. And I probably wouldn't shoot only once, either.

    •  a.s.n.r - "means test" is important (5+ / 0-)

      A Boxer or Martial Artist may be able to render you unable to defend yourself, without any form of weapon.

      Rock, stick, billiard ball, knife... etc...

      That said, the average kid with good speed and strength and a pair of Nike hi-tops isn't a life threatening circumstance.

      Many-a-cop has taken a few good licks as they knew (both assailant and cop) that getting shot wasn't politically possible.

      Cop hangs onto his gun, assailant gets a few good punches and kicks in - then goes all passive when backup arrives with the PR-24s and that "you're gonna get the Rodney King beating" look.

      "Chill... chill, I'm not resisting."
      Now, anyone want to lay odds, that the shooter lost his weapon on the ground - if there was a tussle?
      Or will claim "he got hold of my gun and..." as it was in a pocket, or tucked into a waistband or non-retention holster.

      This guy needs to be put in General Population for 72 hours awaiting arraignment.  There won't be a trial, as you don't try dead men.

      A man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything. ~ Malcolm X.

      by 43north on Fri Mar 09, 2012 at 07:30:23 PM PST

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    •  And hopefully you would get hauled off to jail. (0+ / 0-)

      Every circumstance is different, but this crap happens all the time here in Wyoming. Some guy with a gun gets a big ego and wants to play hero. Things go wrong and the first thing the idiot does is shoot. How about poke him in the eye and run away? Too much of a bad ass to do that?

      This case should be open and shut. This guy should be starting his sentence of life in prison already. He started a fight with an unarmed 17 year old kid who was minding his own business, then when things got too real, he shot the kid. Toss him in jail and throw away the key.

      Barack Obama - Experience the Change.

      by Ziggystardust125 on Sun Mar 11, 2012 at 12:30:54 AM PST

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