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View Diary: White Man Shoots Unarmed 17 Year Old Black Kid - Isn't Arrested. (205 comments)

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    Purple Priestess, slothlax, Tonedevil

    there are people who have been traumatized who are likely to see threats where there are none. We can't just say "what a shame" after the fact when the whole defense is so out of proportion to the offense, if there was one. I would certainly push back if someone accosted me on the street, tried to grab me for instance. Wouldn't you?

    What if it's a 15 -year-old? A 12-year-old who's big for his age?

    People used to fight with their fists. All sense of a fair fight is gone, straight to killing. Yee hah.

    •  People get killed with fists and feet. (1+ / 0-)
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      It's a large enough count to have a seperate catagory in crime stats.

      That said, I'd need to see some pretty clear evidence to agree that this was justified.  So far, ain't seen it.

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