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  •  Organize, organize, organize (none)
    I'm glad there are people like you and Teacherken out there. And I think the key to defeating the Religious Right -- and their hypocritical, self-righteous agenda -- is for people of faith such as yourself and Teacherken to come together and organize.

    There needs to be a Religious Left.

    For when secularists such as myself attack the Religious Right, we get charged as being anti-religion. Though often not true, the charge sticks. The Right can't make that argument against a Religious Left. And since you are actually true to your religion, vs. the Right, which only pays lip service to religious rhetoric, you will have the moral authority to destroy their arguments.

    Abolition, womens' suffrage, civil rights -- all of these movements faced incredible resistance but they eventually won because they had the moral high ground. You do too, which is why a Religious Left will defeat the Religious Right if it tries.

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