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View Diary: Today I told off a cashier who was trashing the president (853 comments)

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  •  I have a lot of experience with this sort of thing (2+ / 0-)
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    being from SC; I spend long visits there throughout the year. I have found that if you are white, many white people in the South assume you have the same perspective as they do, ie, Fox-news watching, Obama-hating, Republican loving, etc...I have to either bite my tongue or get into it, and depending on the circumstance, I act accordingly. I usually am over-polite, even though my blood is boiling.

    Sometimes, I can tell that someone has noticed my Obama bumper sticker, when they suddenly look at me as a real stranger

    I have been sad to see this attitude throughout the US also; we do a lot of cross-country road trips, and I have encountered this in the middle of the desert in Nevada to tiny towns in Appalachia. I cringe sometimes when I walk into a diner in rural America, and the news comes on, as I look at the faces of the people watching.

    I want to think better of the human race, especially of my fellow countrymen, but the reality is that a whole segment of our population has been brainwashed and poisoned by Fox, Rush, etc...

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