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  •  In terms of Celtic influence on Spanish (4+ / 0-)

    some say it contributed to sound changes of consonants. Others disagree.

    Comparing Ralph Penny's list of borrowings with Crystal's, it would appear Spanish has more Celtic loan words still in common use: "álamo" (poplar tree), "brío" (verve), "gancho" (hook).

    Seems like Latin spoken in French had more Celtic influence, and such words became part of general Latin vocab. Spanish borrowed some of these Celtic words disguised as Latin, so to speak: "alondra" (lark), "cabaña" (shack), "camino" (road), "camisa" (shirt), and "cerveza" (beer--wow, didn't know that!!), amongst others.

    Lamentablemente, por ahora, los objetivos que nos planteamos no fueron logrados en la ciudad capital. - Hugo Chávez, 1992

    by Anak on Sat Mar 10, 2012 at 11:55:38 AM PST

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