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  •  Sexual abuse punishment (11+ / 0-)

    Last week I was on a jury for a one-week trial that had charges of Forced Oral Copulation (one each for two separate victims), Criminal Threat (one each for two separate victims), and an Attempted Forced Oral Copulation for a third victim - she screamed after being attacked but nothing sexual could be proved.  The first two also carried a special circumstance charge of more than one victim.

    After what I think was fair deliberation considering both sides, we found guilty on the first four counts, true for both special circumstances charges, and not guilty on the last but guilty on a lesser included charge of assault.

    Googling after the verdict when it was OK to do, I found the DA Press Release stated that because of the special circumstance, he faced a mandatory minimum of 15 years to life.  Also, since arrested, he has been in jail for 2 1/4 years with $1,000,000 bail.  I don't remember priests being faced with such severe penalties.

    As an aside, the experience wasn't nearly as bad as I feared when we were first read the charges.  It quickly becomes clinical and matter of fact.  The jury focused on what facts were true, not whether he was a bad person or other non-essential discussions.  One of the victims was a young prostitute.  Her occupation was a non issue outside of deciding if the sexual act was consensual or forced.  The facts we had didn't make sense if she wasn't forced.

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