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  •  my first post college job (6+ / 0-)

    In 1968 my health insurance didn't cover pregnancy, I had to pay for that out of pocket.  If you took time off after giving birth you did not qualify for unemployment. You had to show a marriage license to get birth control.  As soon as viagra came on the market, it was covered by insurance.  

    I watched Bill Maher last night, and he was depressing. He thinks we should defend Rush's free speech and not try to punish his pocketbook.  Sees it as a free speech issue, not an inciting men to abuse women issue.  Not a men prefer to have control over a woman's body issue.

    These guys speak about contraception as if there were no rape, no marital rape, no incest, as if all women and girls always say yes.  As if it isn't a health issue for women and a pocketbook issue.  Barefoot and knocked up?

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