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View Diary: WA-Gov, WA-01: Democrat Jay Inslee will reportedly resign to focus on gubernatorial run (130 comments)

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    McKenna presents himself as a good administrator and a moderate on his website.  We need to know what he's telling his BASE about his plans for our State, to help convince the folks we talk to.  And I think it's going to take more than just Wisconsin anecdotes - we need McKenna-specifics.

    There are too many people who think it's time to shake up Olympia.

    We're ALL better off when we're ALL better off!

    by susanWAstate on Sat Mar 10, 2012 at 12:52:07 PM PST

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      Although I don't have too many McKenna specifics written up yet. However, I have heard that he has been courting the Teabaggers like crazy, because despite his generally good image, he doesn't really have his own crowd within the Republican Party. I forget where exactly, but in some article I read a Republican operative was quoted as saying that McKenna doesn't really have a faction in the Republican Party that will stand strongly behind him, and so he has been appealing to the one that is most up for grabs, the Teabaggers. I might have to do some investigation on the matter; it would be fairly easy to do, since I could probably pass for a Republican until I open my mouth, lol.

      •  At the annual Dem crab feed in Olympia (3+ / 0-)
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        roadbear, jsquared, Zack from the SFV

        Last month we had a presentation by Dem 'Tracker', Zach Wurtz, whose job is to attend and record Republican events, especially in Eastern WA - since they tend to give very different speeches in liberal Seattle than they give to their base wing-nuts east of the mountains.  

        With the video, we hope to call them on their hypocrisy.  Of course, they know who he is and often invite him to leave, with police escort at times.  He had a video of Rob McKenna ordering him to turn off his camera and leave a public event at a public community college.  McKenna's staff made three 911 calls, but no arrest was made since the Tracker was not breaking any laws.

        It really makes me wonder what McKenna says when the cameras aren't rolling . . . . Here's a story about it from the Repub viewpoint.

        And thank you very much for posting your diary! Tipped and Rec'd!

        We're ALL better off when we're ALL better off!

        by susanWAstate on Sat Mar 10, 2012 at 07:55:32 PM PST

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