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    "Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing." Arundhati Roy

    by LaFeminista on Sat Mar 10, 2012 at 02:09:49 PM PST

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    •  Did you read this? It was jaw dropping. (35+ / 0-)

      I knew most of it.
      It's the way it was written and framed.
      I was horrified, and still am, that people are tiptoeing around the death of this monster.
      This lets me know why it's so horrifying.

      Best take down of a evil person I ever read. Whether or not he loved anyone.


       Breitbart rode to prominence on the toadying of a media wary of being called liberal and petrified by conservative outrage. It was his winning formula: Keep beating the dogs until they start preemptively terrorizing themselves. Like any good bully, Breitbart picked his targets well, exploiting the existing insecurities of an institution that could be beaten further to the right by its own complaisance. After a decade of keeping his foot on the throats of fellow journalists, it never occurred to them to kick his bloated wineskin around the Beltway the moment they learned he'd died.

      There's a more generous interpretation, one echoed by a lot of comments made in hasty obituaries, that a wife has been widowed and four children left fatherless. And perhaps for some that's enough reason to whitewash a career richly studded with racism, hatred, and contempt. Perhaps that's enough to turn honest evaluations of a life riven with opportunistic malice into mealy-mouthed encomia about "a provocateur" and a "punk rock journalist."

      Of course, nobody was asking fretful hand-wringing questions about children when it was time to throw a sop to conservatives and pillory ACORN and Shirley Sherrod. Nobody asked how many children had been given a better life for having their parents rescued from predatory lending. Nobody asked how many children's lives were improved by the good offices of Shirley Sherrod. In the last few days, nobody's asked how many lives will not be affected for the better because we've lost their contributions. And for all the talk of his children, nobody's asked what kind of America they stand to inherit from their father—whether black kids on the playground with them will endure a wider world of fear, wary of a country so easily whipped into a furor of suspicion of them, their motives, their peer groups, their voices.

      There wasn't time to ask those questions, not when one needed to labor to find a plausible compliment for someone who luxuriated in poisoning the racial discourse and raining abuse down on colleagues in a crass endless hump for pageloads and ad revenue. There wasn't time, and in any event, they were still afraid—checking the thesaurus for words of praise that seemed acceptably sincere, instead of taking up a spade to help bury him deep in the earth, not merely to put greater distance between him and humanity but so that Hell does not have to reach so high to claim him.

      You are not an Environmentalist if you support the brutal, cruel, inhuman life and slaughter of animals in Factory Farms which produce 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

      by Christin on Sat Mar 10, 2012 at 03:01:17 PM PST

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      •  that was tremendous (9+ / 0-)

        That was so good it should be front-paged here at DK, and I can't say I've ever remotely thought that about anything from Gawker. Packed with links. I didn't nearly go thru all of them, it just goes on and on. There was stuff in there that I either never heard about (like the encounter between O'Keefe and the dean of the Columbia J-School) or had forgotten.

        And some of the sentences and turns of phrase are just virtuosic, such as:

        Like a great many of the personal-responsibility shitkickers of the right wing's social-Darwinian moshpit, he didn't have to do much bootstrapping to go from a zygote, to Brentwood, to a place like Tulane, where people can drink a lot of beer and wake up seven years later as attorneys.
        Phew. I might end up using that as a sig.

        One of their important theses is that Breitbart was clearly not the outsider that he claimed to be (or implied that he was, anyway):

        As labor journalist Mike Elk recalled, having crashed a fancy DC cocktail party, he was shocked to find Breitbart "chatting up some black woman, making her laugh, and I was in a state of shock. Here was this man who had done so much to flame racial hatred, hitting on a black woman… hanging out with fancy liberals instead of poor, redneck Tea Party guys."
        I didn't care for the authors' "DC/establishment media = The Left" rhetorical frame, but I guess they're employing it in service of a larger, more provocative point:
        In anything other than a throughly beshitted republic, Breitbart's shamelessly pimping a false exposé like this would have seen him broken on a rack. That same magical land of justice and proper incredulity would at least have addressed itself to the quality of investigation brought by an accuser, rather than running like pageload mercenaries and buzz merchants to update their sites' banner headlines. Instead, Breitbart's allegedly sworn enemies did his work for him. They weren't his antagonists: They were his accomplices. When Andrew Breitbart mounted the head of a community organization onto his wall, it was the liberal media that had hoisted it into place.
        (emphasis mine, and "thoroughly beshitted republic" is going to have me giggling all week...)

        Anyway, other than that I thought that entire deconstruction was terrific. I've bookmarked it for later reference, because of the usefulness of having all that sordid detail of Breitbart's career collected in one place.

        Thanks for posting that.

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