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  •  We have met the enemy - and it is us! (7+ / 0-)

    Any any modern society kooks like Inhofe would be assigned to being the deranged village idiot. However, here we have people voting him in time and time again. And I use Inhofe as a symbol of the types of politicians we keep voting in for one reason or the other - often illogical. So the enemy is us.

    The US polity has been too fat and lazy about political consciousness, primarily because up until recently, life has not been one of struggle like in most other democratic countries. The shortage of resources have not been there to produce a street savvy electorate that knows where its own interests lie, allowing the 1% to dupe the 99%. Until that changes, we will see these type of people get their moment under the spotlight. Rush is a good example of that.

    It will take a long time for such a large population to change - this is not Ireland or Czech Republic with a small working age population that can change rapidly. And the anti-knowledge fulminations of the Republican party will delay this process even further!

    The only reason people want to be masters of the future is to change the past - Milan Kundera

    by Suvro on Sun Mar 11, 2012 at 10:24:23 AM PDT

    •  I Think the 1% actually only dupe (1+ / 0-)
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      The RETUHGLICANS and the rest of us suffer the results.

      Disabled Viet Vet ret. My snark is worse than my bite

      by eddieb061345 on Sun Mar 11, 2012 at 11:43:57 AM PDT

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      •  There is truth there.... but (0+ / 0-)

        one of the problems have also been Democratic legislators. Many in the senate have bucked the president and the party when it comes to specific conservative issues - Landrieux is a good example. As have been some in the house - Stupak on healthcare, and now even Hoyer on "austerity".

        We need to ask the Democrats in Congress that they need to abide by some core Democratic principles. It is OK to vote differently on peripheral issues, but they need to hold firm on the core principles.

        The only reason people want to be masters of the future is to change the past - Milan Kundera

        by Suvro on Sun Mar 11, 2012 at 12:08:33 PM PDT

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