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  •  "Global warming God's wrath for birthcontrol,gays" (2+ / 0-)
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    averybird, Calamity Jean

    You see where the Christian theocrats are going with this, don't you? They'll deny man made climate change is possible until they are on their beach front property in the Appalachians. Then the undeniable "natural disaster" will god's punishment because we don't put women in chains and gays to the torch.

    "Seeing God used as a cudgel against knowledge—now that is infuriating."
    "God" and "his word" have ALWAYS been used as a cudgel against science and knowledge dating back to Eve (that slut) and apples of knowledge.  If it wasn't for knowledge and science (and Eve) we'd all be in blissful ignorance like dinosaurs watching the beautiful new sun streaking across the sky.

    The great thing about religion and god, they always say, do and think EXACTLY as you says so in the bible or koran.  You want to enslave women, says so in the bible.  Enslave blacks, that's there. Burn gays at the stake, all well documented.  Shoot doctors. Got'cha covered. Gloabal warming? God wouldn't let it happen and if he does it's punishment for not locking up the women and killing gays.

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