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  •  Hunter, you're my favorite writer on this site. (0+ / 0-)

    I love your analysis of the twisted logic of so-called Christian thinkers. It brings to mind a conversation I once had with a mechanic. He and I grew up going to the same Baptist church. I quit going to church upon reaching adulthood. He became a deacon. One day while in town my truck experienced some sort of mechanical trouble so I stopped by his shop without an appointment and asked if he had time to look at it. He said sure. While he was working, our conversation veered into the subject of religion. I can't remember the wording, but at some point I made the comment that one shouldn't expect to take every word of the Bible as literal truth. He countered that he had no problem with taking every word in the Bible as literal truth. While we were talking, a black lady came in and asked if he had time to take a look at her car, as she was having some sort of difficulty with it. He told her he was covered up for the day. After she left, I reminded him that when I came in he had told me he wasn't too busy. I remember the exact words of what he said next - "I just didn't want to fool with that nigger." I never entered his shop again.  

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