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  •  I was 11 as well. (6+ / 0-)

    Maybe it was the media landscape (more barren than now), but that seemed to be an era of "big matchups" - Thrilla in Manilla and all that. And they were EPIC.

    I watched this at a neighbor's house and will remember forever Billie Jean giving Bobby his little male chauvinist piglet. Of course, as a feminist child, there was no doubt in my mind that Billie Jean would win (biased much?). And she did!

    But I also understood how important this was. My school had forbade me from wearing pants and playing "boys sports" until I changed schools, where I could wear anything I wanted, but if our class was assigned hopscotch or jumprope for recess, girls were stuck with it for both morning and afternoon times. When both play areas were "athletic" activities, the boys and girls switched between morning and afternoon play. The fact that boys and girls were separated says a lot.

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