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  •  The first women's sport allowed in my high school (2+ / 0-)
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    nomandates, JekyllnHyde

    was in 1972.  The sport was tennis. I was on that team the first year and then agin my senior year. We had fun, but were terrible. There were so few local schools that offered any girls sports that some of our opponents were private boarding schools who had more tennis courts on their campus than our whole town had. In two years we never won a match and I'm not sure if I ever even won a game. But we practiced daily (I still rememeber those looooooooong conditioning runs) and had as full a schedule as the boy's tennis team. They got athletic letters, but the girls did not because that was unthinkable.  Billy Jean King was one of my idols in those days.

    It was funny that because I never played a team sport like softball or volleyball or basketball, I never thought of myself as athletic. But I rode my bike for miles, I played tennis, I climbed trees, I rode horses and I danced. I was very athletic! I was in my mid-thirties and starting to compete in dressage when it finally occured to me.

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