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  •  Great diary, Shiz (3+ / 0-)

    I lived in NYC for a long, long time. Didn't have a car. Loved public trans. But it ruined me for any other city. Moved to Denver in 2005. Could not deal with the public trans there. Just took so long to get anywhere, unless you lived by the lightrail and it was going where you were going. Got a beater car.

    Moved to Chicago. Public trans is better, but still need a car unless I'm going downtown.

    Now I know it's easier to get around on NYC's public trans if you live in Manhattan, because it's an island and not too wide, so it's easy to arrange subways and buses to take you just about anywhere on the island fast. It's much harder to have that kind of coverage in cities that are spread out.

    Loved my bus and subway rides. Got so much reading done. And loved the subway stairs. Great exercise.

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