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    blue aardvark

    Japan's nuclear power industry has a capacity of 48.9 GWe.

    According to this site 100 watts results in 1852 pounds of CO2 emissions per year.

    Doing the math (corrections are welcome if this is incorrect!!), that means that Japan's nukes were preventing 0.45 gigatons of CO2 emissions each year.

    Compare that to the TarSands:

    The tarsands will produce about 0.62 billion barrels of oil this year.   Burning each barrel produces about 697 pounds of carbon, then add a 21% penalty for the "dirty" production that means each barrel produces about 884 pounds (0.42 of a ton) of carbon pollution.  doing the math shows the tarsands produces about 0.26 gigatons of CO2 emissions each year, considerably less than what Japan's nukes prevented.  

    so the question arises with the "Game Over" people - why aren't they screaming about restarting Japan's nukes ASAP to prevent an outcome 72% worse (i.e., 0.45 gigatons/0.26 gigatons) than Game Over?

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