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View Diary: UPDATE: I was First Whistleblower Prosecuted Under the Espionage Act in Recent Government Rampage (221 comments)

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  •  The clear & present danger of a surveillance state (18+ / 0-)


    When we are profiled in secret and access is given through various means and off the books programs to massive amounts of personal data on Americans (plus other kinds of electronic and physical surveillance), we have entered a truly inverted paradigm where what the government does is off limits and private and protected through assertions of state secrets and sovereign immunity, while anything private is considered fair game and suspicious.

    Imagine having everything about you made available to the government. What could they do with all that data?

    1st Amendment gets in the way of the federal government and the national security state's ability to operate in secret. From the perspective of history, always a dangerous development in any country or nation when the government puts the mechanisms in place behind the scenes for mass suspicioning its own population, even when they do nothing wrong.

    This is the complete opposite of openness and transparency.

    Our Constitutional Republic, let alone any democracy enjoyed by free people, cannot long survive such a government, without holding them to account.

    Rule of law is the foundation, otherwise it is left up to those in power to rule without law (if they can get away with it) and any laws that are passed increasingly concentrates power in the corporate/statist state.

    And what form of government does that end up taking?

    I shudder at the thought of 'soft tyranny' already taking hold in this country.

    More chillingly for me and my case, is the reality that in certain other countries, I would have simply been disappeared.

    The combination of my critically necessary and able criminal defense team with the court of public opinion (led by the superb whistleblower support and advocacy provided by the Government Accountability Project), as well as the crucial holding of the executive branch to the rule of law and due process by the third branch of government and the Judge in my case, made all the difference.

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