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View Diary: Portland's modern streetcar line -- a model for other cities? (160 comments)

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  •  Streetcars, or trams, are great. (1+ / 0-)
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    Cartoon Peril

    Helsinki has them. Along with buses and subway, the city is fully accessible by public transport. In the warmer months, the city teems with bicycles. Excellent diary, love the photographs. They are cool looking. Helsinki's are green and look like caterpillars.

    So glad to see a city take the initiative on this side of the Atlantic. $142 million is chump change though.

    I say chump change because we spent, on average, 12 billion dollars a month in Iraq in 2008. If we were to take just one month's '08 spending and put it all towards projects costing $142 million, we could have funded 84. Eighty-fucking four.

    For one fucking month in a war of choice that our government and citizenry has decided isn't worth investigating. I don't mean to make this a thing about Obama, really, I don't. Its more about the American people's willingness to spend obscene unprecedented amount of money to kill people our government and corporations disagree with.

    If the Iraq war cost only $1 trillion, we could have funded seven thousand and forty two (7,042) projects that cost 142 million dollars.

    So while the price tag appears large to us, you know, the 99%, it looks like a lot of money. But when you think about the grand scheme, its chump change. We pour trillions of our tax payer money into failing foreign policy and don't bat an eye.

    But when the average American sees $142 million for domestic spending... they say "OMG thats a lot of money."

    A Victory Garden documents our experience transitioning from suburban lawn to edible food forest based on permaculture principles.

    by FinchJ on Fri Mar 16, 2012 at 02:14:58 PM PDT

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