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View Diary: Alabama and Mississippi Republicans don't believe in evolution ... but do believe Obama is a Muslim (286 comments)

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  •  Not sure how this is helpful (7+ / 0-)

    I'm pretty confident that pretty much everybody here knows that reactionary racist peckerwoods believe the things that reactionary racist peckerwoods believe.

    Prominent and highly respectable Democrats like Steny Hoyer want to slash Social Security and Medicare, just like the reps elected by those reactionary racist peckerwoods down there. It seems to me this would be of more interest to Kossacks than rounding up the usual suspects.

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      excuse for Steny Hoyer except he is a sell out to the financial interests he represents.   I can excuse poor people who have no real way out of their ignorance, but the greedy rich with the best education, worldly knowledge money can buy.   Enough to make one take up religion so you can damn them to hell.  Which might explain poor people in Mississippi.

    •  Credibility. (0+ / 0-)

      There is always room to present data the gives credibility to what others may perceive to be stereotypes and bias.  When faced with results like those above, it makes it hard for apologists and others who attack blue states and liberals as elitist and provides ammo for when you're face to face with ignorance.  

      Also, I'm often surprised at the lack of knowledge on many subjects that are discussed here repeatedly.  Many (but not the majority) often seem surprised or not up-to-speed on basic elements of a subject.  I'm assuming that for most of those people, they're new to Kos and/or and possibly new to politics as well.  

      On a side note, I've been to Mississippi and Alabama, and while I've certainly met plenty of wonderful people there, I've had some of my most shocking and frightening human interactions there as well.  I hope I never have to go to either state again.

      Would we be so happy to have a military that dwarfs all others combined if it was a line item deduction on our paychecks next to FICA."

      by Back In Blue on Mon Mar 12, 2012 at 09:45:34 AM PDT

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