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View Diary: Alabama and Mississippi Republicans don't believe in evolution ... but do believe Obama is a Muslim (286 comments)

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  •  That's why the music is universal (2+ / 0-)
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    annieli, Loge

    Country and Western just means rural.  

    Its not called Southern, because its more universal than that.  Amazing that you can hear the same music on jukeboxes in Maine, Texas and Sacramento?  

    Not really.  They all get Rush and Hannity on their radios too.  

    The robb'd that smiles steals something from the thief. -- Shakespeare

    by not2plato on Mon Mar 12, 2012 at 08:56:19 AM PDT

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    •  What passes for Nashville music these days is made (0+ / 0-)

      according to a corporate formula that will appeal to the sentimentality of a people who feel they are oppressed.  How many songs refer to anyone who wears jeans and boots as an oppressed minority that has better values than those "city slickers" and is made to appeal to people who have a chip on their shoulder.  The irony is that the people who make country music great really didn't write about that stuff and tended to focus on universal themes of love and human interaction.  The classic country music could not be played on "country" stations today because it is not rigorously constructed to meet the corporate "country" standard.

      And it feels like I'm livin'in the wasteland of the free ~ Iris DeMent, 1996

      by MrJersey on Mon Mar 12, 2012 at 12:27:24 PM PDT

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