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  •  War as a profitable enterprise. (3+ / 0-)
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    War is profitable.  Unbelievably so.  These past few years, especially after 2001 the US "Defense" budget ballooned.  I believe now our "Defense" is more than all other countries combined.

    As far as "Defense" the US is in a strategically enviable position.  The country is bordered by 2 gigantic oceans, friendly countries both to the south and north.  All that money we're spending is NOT on defense.

    We're waging wars of aggression.  That's what the money is being used for.  

    After 2010 - the Money Runs out.
    Amazingly, there has been some talk about the military needing to "cut back".  Leon Panetta came out and warned against doing that "it would be disastrous".  I think the money really has run out.  The treasury is empty.  
    I think the day has finally arrived - when there's talk of cutbacks.  

    I've always believe that's the ONLY way they would ever stop their military adventures overseas.  When the money ran out.

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