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  •  Yes, we've gone nuts with cowardance and fear (0+ / 0-)

    We should have responded to 9-11 with a positive, blatant support of our open, free institutions.

    Hunting Bin Laden and his followers with special forces and local tribesmen (as we did in the beginning) as a quasi-police action was a reasonably appropriate response.

    Some kind of reorganization of national security apparatus to make information sharing more effective was also in order.

    Toppling regimes and trying to nation build in two countries, including one that was not involved at all in the action just made a bunch of new enemies.   Creating a paranoid national security state with a new cabinet office that had broad and poorly defined powers was also counterproductive.

    Seriously.  We've spent what, 3 trillion dollars to kill a few hundred people who were part of an organization that killed a few thousand Americans.

    In the process we've trashed two countries and killed hundreds of thousands of locals, ensuring an entire generation of pissed-off and radicalized relatives.  Not to mention losing about as many soldiers doing it as civilians killed in 9-11.

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