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View Diary: Israeli attacks kill schoolboy, old man, 22 others (23 comments)

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  •  my guess which with $1 will buy you a soft drink (0+ / 0-)

    is IDF is spoiling for a rematch after their PR debacle with Hizbullah in Lebanon.  RW is spoiling for a fight as well but they are also loath to take on Hizbullah again on the same ground.  Hamas is a much more accessible and softer target and would make for a good PR war with few IDF casualties.

    Of course this is I/P politics so I may be completely off base.  Israel still wants Iran removed as a regional player and this latest gambit of Iranian regime change prior to any I/P resolution is just upping the ante again if an Iran armed with nukes is not alarming enough to average Americans.

    •  Between the time i posted and now, a ceasefire (4+ / 0-)
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      has been announced, per JPost, here, which includes a provision that Israel will stop the assassinations, and both sides will commit to the truce during mutual quiet, whatever that may mean. Another piece of reporting  suggested that the usual unnamed Israeli sources said that Israel had gotten all it could out of the situation. Interestingly cynical, even for this group of players.

      Of course, part of the reporting said that FM Liebermann saidin this article, about halfway down, that Israel would, by reason of the rocket attacks, this round somehow being different than others, refuse any connection in a peace deal between Gaza and WB, so that the two areas would be permanently separated.  In the lead section of the article, PM Bibi indicated that what this round of attacks showed is what might happen if Israel was shelled by Iran, as he discussed his own attackplans for Gaza.  Hmmm.  

      You may be right about this being a truly ugly form of PR spinning, remembering governmental hints a week or so ago that Israeli cities could absorb a measure of non nuclear missile attacks, should a war break out.  

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