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  •  A poison pill from Time for the wingnuts? (none)
    Once past the cover, the issue has a fairly scathing round up on DeLay's predicament. So all the wanking wingnuts who buy this issue for it's cover will get treated to this:
    When Tom Met Jack
    Inside the cozy relationship between Tom DeLay and D.C.'s most notorious lobbyist. Could it take the leader down?

    Sunday, Apr. 17, 2005
    It was congress's holiday for memorial Day 2000, and majority whip Tom DeLay's staff thought the boss and two top aides deserved a respite from the arduous hours they had been putting in doing the people's business. They wanted to make sure DeLay's little delegation had the finest of everything on its weeklong trip to Britain--from lodgings at the Four Seasons Hotel in London to dinners at the poshest restaurants with the most interesting people, right down to the best tickets for The Lion King--at the time, one of the hottest shows playing on the West End and one for which good seats usually meant a six-month wait. So DeLay's congressional office turned to someone they trusted far more than any travel agent or concierge: lobbyist Jack Abramoff. "He ran all the trips," recalls a former top DeLay aide. "You ask where the itineraries came from, who made all the travel arrangements--it all came out of Jack's shop."
    Previous trips had taken DeLay and members of his staff all over the world, but none had been planned quite as meticulously as this one.

    Click this lovely image from the same article to read the whole thing. It's worth it.

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