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  •  I disagree Glinda (none)
    I write about fashion and do some trend writing and I think they're pretty on point. Like I said, not always, but generally. As for the bag-lady chic article, hmmm, I'm not so sure what to say about that article. I didn't finish it because I got the feeling that it wasn't about fashion. To be honest, I think they just wanted to stir up a little shit--as the editor for that section is often want to do. I know kids have been wearing grungy get-ups for as long as punk has been around.  

    So yeah, they don't always hit a homerun by any means, but I'd say once every few weeks, they do some great fashion trend pieces. But even in off weeks, photographer Bill Cunningham, who sets the standard for trend photography, still manages to tide me over. Color me shallow, but Style and the magazine are my two favorite sections of the times.

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