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  •  Word. (none)
    Even though I don't necessarily agree with Sully, he seems to be an independent-minded type of conservative.  I'd take him over some of the shriekers and howlers that dominate conservative discourse.

    When you couldn't get a real journalism job, there's Fox News.

    by The Truffle on Sun Apr 17, 2005 at 12:46:14 PM PDT

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    •  Yeah, but speaking for the gay caucus, (none)
      Sully is a douchebag!!!

      We don't want him, no way, no how. He's wingnut slime mold, no matter how you dress him up.

      "I love mankind; it's people I can't stand." --Linus/Peanuts

      by homogenius on Sun Apr 17, 2005 at 01:17:33 PM PDT

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    •  the fact... (none)
      that he is gay, and is not self-loathing, must have something to do with his relative independence. He will people on the right have it with both barrels when they display homophobic tendencies.

      Which makes me wonder if he's ultimately flippable. I mean his politics, not his orientation.

      ...Freedom is on the march. Straight to the gas chamber. this is infidelica...

      by snookybeh on Sun Apr 17, 2005 at 01:21:20 PM PDT

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