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View Diary: Time Magazine's cover girl this week... (371 comments)

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  •  She is not a politician, (4.00)
    she does not have her own show, she is a celebrity guest.  Her celebrity credentials are based on saying outrageous things in sound bytes to aggravate the left.  

    She doesn't fire up the right. We are her audience, feeding that celebrity calling her a she/man, talking about her drug use, her looks, her latest racist remark, etc.  My somewhat moderate Repugnant relatives know she is full of shit but just love to watch the reactions of the left's response to her outlandish comments.  They can't wait to tell me what she said today.

    Want to see her head explode? Stop talking about her, posting her photos, and watching her. She will raise the level of her outrageous comments for attention and get fired from even more jobs.

    I would agree with you on Kerry with the Swift boats, Savage, Limbaugh, and Horowitz though.  

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