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View Diary: Time Magazine's cover girl this week... (371 comments)

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  •  The is issue is Time - forget her. (none)
    You're right Ted.

    what bothers me is not her, you can get that kind of HATE right now by turning on the radio.

    The issue is not her...forget about her...

    Rather it Time. How any so-called news mag coddle and attempt to elevate and sanitize someone (anyone - she's irrelvant) who advocated bombing the NYT building and violence against President Clinton.  

    And while I agree with Time's Point of View less then half of the time, at least they were respectible.  I mean even National Review Fired her.  This would be like Time honoring "The Turner Diaries" with a book award.  The issue is Time taking leave of her senses.. and slanting so far to the right.

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