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  •  no no no! (none)
    the remake had fast zombies.  the far-superior original featured your classic shambling shuffling undead.

    i agree though: fast zombies and ann coulter are lame.

    •  Heh. (none)
      Thanks for pointing that out for the "youngins" on the board.

      The 2004 DOTD is the remake of the 1979 George Romero CLASSIC; which, btw, was part two of what could be called a "trilogy" of "Dead".  

      Now, I didn't mind the newer, faster zombies of the 2004 version.  But I have to admit, the 1979 versions were pretty awesome and have stood up to the test of time:  they were more creepy.  In their own, slumbering, "creeping death" sorta way.

      And the gore in the 1979 version is still...well, gory.  

      Both versions are terrific.

      Be compassionate as your Creator is compassionate - Jesus

      by smugbug on Mon Apr 18, 2005 at 06:47:33 AM PDT

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