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  •  Uh (none)
    Last I checked, these people were throwing real life slurs that are used against real life transsexuals every day.  Uh, last I checked, transsexual women were being killed at the rate of about two a month, so this kind of talk really isn't much of a joke.  Uh, last I checked, people here are making plenty of fun of being transsexual, though they happen to be poking fun at a woman who is not trans herself.  

    Uh, last I checked, this kind of thing was unacceptable in "progressive" communities.  

    •  People HERE were throwing slurs against (none)
      transexuals?  On Dkos?!  No way.  I don't see anyone here in this progressive community making fun of transexuals.  If so, cite the link.

      You are speaking with someone who happens to be GLBT sensitive.  I'm not offended by this Coulter thread.   Sorry you feel this way.

      •  The poster's point (none)
        is that people were speaking disparingly about Coulter because she looked "mannish"--as if this is some great sin and is what makes her worthy of our contempt (as opposed to her real problem, which is her hateful/racist statements). Like Coulter, transgendered people are also bashed and attacked because their appearance often straddles gender lines.

        I was actually going to post something earlier about how many of the comments in here were likely hurtful to members of the transgender community, but since I was already being taken to task for being too defensive, I chickened out. Now I'm sorry I did.

        Reading over all the comments in this diary, I'm disgusted by the degree to which so many of them are nothing more or less than scathing attacks on a woman's appearance. On that note, I'm encouraged by the posts, in which posters actually took the time to contact Time and let their feelings on Coulter be known in a factual and well thought out fashion. They accomplished something good and no one was hurt in the process.  

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