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View Diary: It's time for Us to use THAT word! (with UPDATE) (270 comments)

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  •  Thanks for the link (none)
    Have you done any diaries about this subject?  You seem to be very knowledgeable about it.

    It is a very mixed blessing to be brought back from the dead.

    by Steven D on Sun Apr 17, 2005 at 11:51:52 AM PDT

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    •  No, not yet (4.00)
      We're planning an issue-by-issue "rollout" of the strategic issues which we think best frame the Westward strategy.  We'll start DKos diaries on the issues next week, and we'll definitely start with energy independence.  A primary aspect of out focus is a broad branding strategy for national Democrats in Western states, and energy is an exemplary issue for drawing the key contrasts between GOP interests and our values.

      I recently ran a clean-energy lobbying campaign for a nonpartisan group (no link: they're a 501c3 and we're partisan as all Hell), and the lessons I learned in building a rural anti-Bush-energy-bill coalition are extrememly promising for Democrats if we want to make this a top issue.  Forget hippies and spotted owls, no one likes wind power better than Wesstern ranchers--MOST of whom stand to make literally thousands of dollars a month from hosting windmills (a proposition which costs them approximately 36 square feet of grazing land, or about enough space to raise a chicken).

    •  Here you go: (none)
      Here's a diary on energy independence.  Please recommend it if you want the discussion to grow.

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