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View Diary: It's time for Us to use THAT word! (with UPDATE) (270 comments)

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  •  better even.... (none)
    find "People have the Power" also on I-tunes (Patti Smith).  This needs to be the dem anthem in '06 and '08.
    •  oh dear god no (none)
      that song is the left's equivalent to lee greenwood. i literally have to leave the room whenever i'm unfortunate enough to hear it.

      our side has the vast, vast preponderance of musical badasses. with springsteen, sleater-kinney, and creedence--just to pick three almost at random--to choose from, why anybody want to suffer through patti's whinging is unfathomable to me.

      frankly i'd use "fight the youth" by fishbone, but that's just me.

      •  the best (none)
        is probably Springsteen's "Land of Hope and Dreams" which Edwards used at the tail-end of his primary campaign.  

        Patti Smith is okay if you keep it to a few lines then the chorus.  The best line is probably, "I waken to the cry the people have the power to redeem the work of fools.  From the meek, the grace to shower its decreed the people rule."

        That works for me.....

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