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  •  Today I received my newsletter from a local (9+ / 0-)

    Catholic college for women (I am not Catholic) with their schedule of upcoming courses and events including a week long permaculture course.  On their front page was a short summary of why we should be working toward reversing climate change.  They introduced their new greenhouse that will help with their local organic CSA.  They raise alpacas for fiber and offering a range of fiber courses. They are renowned in the area for their efforts to heat their buildings sustainably, which is way beyond the general level of knowledge in our region.  

    I attended a lecture a few years ago where several of the Sisters gave us information on why they crossed into a military base during a demonstration expecting to be arrested.  The base housed the infamous College of the Americas (name change since.)

    This college is a local beacon for women's rights and offers many courses women can take to work on higher education even if they have families and jobs.  There's a very neat group they formed to support women professionals in our region.

    The list goes on and on and on.  Its like an oasis of progressive thought on their campus.  Lesson:  Don't judge.

    •  All of which (10+ / 0-)

      can be accomplished, and is accomplished, without needing to be part of the Catholic Church. That they may do some good things is not an excuse for the evil things they also do and have done. Knowing in certainty that they, as an organization, protect and defend pedophiles, pretty much obviates any environmental activism they may perform.

      In that they judge us and act against us to protect their own privilege, they are deserving of judgement.

      •  Perhaps, but by the same token... (1+ / 0-)
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        Crashing Vor

        the evil they do does not negate the good they do, either.

        It's kind of like Martin Luther King, Jr. Reportedly, he was a womanizer. I don't condone or excuse that, but nor do I think that cancels out all the good that he did.

        Disclosure: I am not a Catholic.

        •  No, it does not negate the good. (4+ / 0-)
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          cai, vacantlook, Cassandra Waites, crose

          But that's not the point - it's not a zero sum situation. People keep trying to make the case that we should give them a pass because they did something right. Screw that. Churches of all sorts, especially the Catholics, get a privileged position in this society and because they helped someone once, they should get to slide on rape, pedofilia, misogyny, obstruction of justice, and corruption? Fine congratulate them for all the good they do as long as you prosecute them for the evil. My outrage comes from the historic and consistent lack of prosecution and the apologists who think that some mythological connection to the sweet bye and bye sets them above the law. Screw that. Hold them accountable, individually and in concert.

      •  The great women who are nuns at our local college (2+ / 0-)
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        Crashing Vor, BusyinCA

        have a long long tradition of helping the powerless and the needy.  I don't think they protect their own privilege or act against anyone.  I know they have never defended child abuse.  I repeat, its not a good thing to judge.

        •  Good for the nuns. (4+ / 0-)
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          cai, Sunspots, Cassandra Waites, crose

          There is incontrovertible evidence that upper echelon officials of the Catholic Church have conspired to obstruct justice and protect serial pedophiles. There is a documented long history corruption in the church and there is an obvious institutional misogyny. This is behavior that should be judged and these are people who should be held accountable for the harm they do. Just because there is a good nun somewhere does not make up for a corrupt bishop.

          •  When you make sweeping statements about people (0+ / 0-)

            and its so easy to point out the very opposite of what you are saying then I think you shouldn't judge in the way you are.

            I could just as easily decide to demonize all women or all men because there are examples in both categories of dishonorable, unjust and cruel people.

            •  If you read carefully (0+ / 0-)

              you'll note that I'm not calling for all nuns or all practicing catholics or all of any class to be held accountable - I am calling for officials in the Catholic Church who have year after year conspired to obstruct justice and protect criminal priests, and for the priests themselves to be held accountable. Also, I am calling for the organization, in the person of high ranking officials who promulgate toxic policies which harm real people (some of whom are even practicing Catholics). There are also cases of Mexican drug cartels doing charitable acts in villages, or cases of mafiosi helping a local family in need, none of which forgives or excuses corruption and abuse. Why do you keep trying to excuse the corruption and abuse of power and privilege practiced by the Catholic Church. Prosecute the abuse and praise the charity. But excusing the real and ongoing church abuses just because a nun somewhere did something good is just as bad as the abusers themselves.

              •  I don't think the Mexican drug cartel compares to (0+ / 0-)

                the many self less Catholic clergy working all over the world for social justice.  You hold up people in authority in their church that have abused that position and I hold up people like Mother Theresa, and where does that get us.

                I am not defending any kind of wrong doing or abuse of power but its not any better to demonize groups of people from the left than it is to do that from the right.

        •  Rome should let the Sisters run the show (1+ / 0-)
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          for a season or two. A Catholic Matriarchy would likely be very different (and better) that the Patriarchy now extant.

          Disclaimer: I served eight years at a Catholic Graded School as a student.

          I'll take the justice of the nuns over the priests any day.

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