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  •  For a number of reasons (0+ / 0-)

    Dumb teaching the dumb. Teachers who have never used an adverb.

    Fear of Science. School districts don't hire science teachers. Instead, they set up associations who hire science teachers, and then tell them nothing over 6,000 years old. A three million year old rock is old. They don't want their children learning anything that they think contradicts the Bible.

    The church is at the center of life. (See above)

    Education is a threat in so many ways. People want their kids to be like them, and not move away. If you are educated and have a three digit IQ, it's hard to live around these people. They just don't have the capacity to think critically.

    At some point, this becomes genetic. Behavior affects brain chemistry, and dumb begets dumber.

    Colleges are incestuous. Unlike real higher education, which hires a variety of professors from a number of backgrounds, and usually not graduates of the hiring institution, the vast majority of colleges in the South hire their own graduates, so there is no new blood. The same old thing is taught over and over, whether it is right or not, or current or not. What is important is that all the graduates, who are usually from the prominent families, have jobs. They don't care that 75% to 80% of the kids drop out or don't finish school. This is about keeping the ruling class on the public teat.

    In my state, we have more administrators than we have teachers. Did you get that? Every $30,000 school teacher has her own $100,000 administrator, with administrators to spare. And the administrators have gorgeous brick buildings with atriums while school roofs are falling in, and lunch money for poor kids is being cancelled.

    I have to go have a good cry. It's just getting worse.

    PS I forget to mention sports. At least 20% of the money not going to administrators is going to sports in my state. And parents don't want homework because they have sports to attend, and family life. That don't want no learning interfering with that. (I want you to know I did that on purpose. My parents sent me away to prep school.)

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