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View Diary: More Bad News for Scott Walker - More Scottenfreuden for Us (180 comments)

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    I don't like to leave lies unanswered.

    Lovetere, you don't have your Wisconsin budget facts right.

    The source of the $3.6 billion deficit figure is Governor Walker, except that in his budget proposal he took as his starting point the November 19th 2010 report by the Department of Administration that projected a $1.5 billion shortfall on the basis of subtracting all agency requests for 2011-13 from the projected revenue. Those agency requests totaled $3.944 billion more than the previous budget. Do the math.

    As for the "surplus", that has not only disappeared owing to the pathetic job market since Walker's budget took effect (if we had only kept pace with the country as a whole like we had in the last 6 months of the last budget, we'd have 54,000 more jobs now than we do), but we're now going to be $143 million in the red (see

    Governor Walker is now required to submit a Budget Repair Bill. If he doesn't, he'll be breaking the law... again.

    I'll bet you also think that the previous budget needed a repair bill. Take a look at - it was on course to be $54 million in surplus right before the "repair" bill was introduced. Not only that, but somehow another $79 million was found from it for Act 13 and $193 million for Act 27.

    Walker lied about the budget he sought to "repair", he lied about the fiscal situation he inherited, he continues to lie about some phantom surplus and you're enabling him by repeating his lies here.

    He has been an economic catastrophe for Wisconsin.

    Also a constitutional catastrophe and a wrecker of Wisconsin's tradition of open government, but that's a different matter.

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      Thanks for posting that smackdown.

      Walker created last years budget deficit by giving $160 million in tax breaks for large multinational corporations.  It was done to make Doyles budget look bad (and in need of Walkers expertise - yeah, that was snarky), but also as an excuse to do union stripping and the other massive cuts.

      There already is class warfare in America. Unfortunately, the rich are winning.

      by Puddytat on Tue Mar 13, 2012 at 03:18:05 PM PDT

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        The special session bills' main initial impact is in the current 2011-13 budget (approximately the figure you mention), but the impact to the 2009-11 budget was only $12.9 million, according to the LFB projection from 1/31/11.

        Walker was informed of the general fund coming in $54 million over projections, then turned around and said that the budget was in desperate need of repair.

        The special session tax giveaways were not enough to create a budget deficit (at least not in 2009-11; 2011-13 is a different story, they are almost entirely responsible for the projected deficit).

        It wasn't some master plan, it was just a straightforward Walker lie.

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