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  •  Is there ammonia in the product? (3+ / 0-)
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    lgmcp, koNko, wader

    There are plenty of reasons to avoid this pink slime, particularly since it's a collection of the waste parts. I won't argue that one bit.

    However, I'm a little troubled at the knee-jerk reaction to the ammonia being added without any clear source describing what's in the end product (at least as far as I can skim from the links); I'm just as troubled by Beef Products Inc. saying that ammonia isn't a problem because it's natural--how many people would inject themselves with natural cobra venom? I'm not arguing with ammonia ingestion being a bad thing, either. My point is that how much ammonia matters, and perhaps that has never been thoroughly tested, which is another problem.

    If there is indeed significant ammonia (beyond trace amounts) in the end product, then that's not something I'd want to eat, either; but it's possible that the ammonia has reacted before it gets to the end user, or that it has been washed out after killing bacteria. When amino acids (the building blocks of protein) get broken down in the liver, ammonia is released there. And we can use ammonia to build some amino acids. But if significant concentrations of ammonia in the bloodstream weren't toxic, our livers wouldn't go through the trouble of converting it to the much less toxic urea.

    •  Both are great cleaning agents (2+ / 0-)
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      wader, blueoasis

      Seriously. You'd be surprised what urea is used for.

      Well, I guess I won't be inviting any chemists to clean your house.

      What about my Daughter's future?

      by koNko on Wed Mar 14, 2012 at 10:40:11 AM PDT

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