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  •  Framing is a lost art. (14+ / 0-)

    Square Deal, New Deal, New Politics, New Frontier, Great Society- existed to rally the public as a national interest movement against the special interests, not merely as a way to get votes. What is the national interest if not what benefits the people? Washington warned this would be undermined. The "national interest" is located in the Declaration of Independence as being the expansion of human rights, implemented in the Constitution and preserved by Lincoln's generation in the victory over the special interests of cotton and slavery. The national interest advanced by the Square Deal meant equal economic  opportunity. See TR's New Nationalism speech. Anything inconsistent is a special interest to be militantly opposed. We have a long history in the 20th century of militant national interest politics, (FDR, Humphrey, Stevenson, RFK, LBJ) not difficult to find if you go back to 1976 and before. Currently outflanked by the monied enforcers of the special interest status quo.

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