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View Diary: Why 2012 should be the Year of the Women Voters (40 comments)

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  •  For my sisters (6+ / 0-)

    My beautiful twin sisters, who turned 26 this year and are entering the prime of their lives, I will fight the good fight against this ridiculousness.  
    Also, a word to the wise for the GOP:  My sisters are very liberal, and they were disenchanted enough with Obama to tell me they were voting for a third party candidate.  But now that your messiah Limbaugh has opened his pie hole, and the idiots in Virginia have legalized raping women with plastic wands, and you put a clown like Frothy Mix in the running for president... now they will be voting Obama, and volunteering for Obama, and donating money to Obama.  They're just two people, of course, but I'll bet their situation isn't unique.
    You've awakened a sleeping giant, GOP.  It'll be richly satisfying to watch it steamroller you in November.

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